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Proximo Capital offers three main services. First, we provide strategy consulting to help identify and solve problems of growth, performance, or value delivery. Second, we offer advisory services for transactions, including raising debt and equity and selecting and sourcing strategic partners. Third, we operate a service bureau providing back-office support for payments and lending operations. As part of the service bureau, we also directly source and provide short-term working capital for small businesses.

Strategy Consulting

Our approach to strategy consulting is rooted in a methodical, problem-solving discipline: identify the desired end game, diagnose the current situation, and then chart a course from current to desired state. This approach can be applied to go-to-market strategy, product or channel development, operations performance, marketing efficiency, or other challenges a firm is facing.

Our consultants operate in the model that best suits our clients and their problems—either as an augmentation to staff, an outside expert advisor, or as an interim leader serving in a "secondment" role.

Examples of our recent strategy assignments:

  • Building a white-label MCA program for a top payment processor
  • Accelerating a declines monetization program for a top SMB lender
  • Advising on go-to-market strategy for a mortgage and credit lead generation provider
  • Identifying and testing use cases for an auxiliary credit provider to the unbanked segment
  • Refining go-to-market strategy for a lending technology company

Transaction Advisory

Proximo Capital advises on transactions in three main areas: debt, equity, and strategic partnerships. Depending on the nature and stage of the firm's growth, we can help obtain new relationships for senior lenders (credit facilities, asset purchase agreements, or syndicated funding).

We can introduce potential equity and balance sheet investors, with focus on early stage capital (seed and A rounds). We can also source and introduce new strategic partnerships, whether for turnkey lending operations, lead generation or other sources of volume.

We have a "success-oriented" approach to transaction advisory projects and work diligently to ensure the firm gets the capital and growth opportunities it requires.

Examples of our recent strategy assignments:

  • New senior debt for an equipment leasing facility
  • New syndicate sources for a small business lender
  • Turnkey lending (POS program) for a manufacturer
  • Sourcing strategic partners for a platform lender
  • Identifying new client opportunities for a lead generation firm

Service Bureau

Implementation is a common challenge that clients face at the end of a strategy assignment. In 2019, Proximo Capital launched a service bureau in order to provide implementation services and ongoing operational support. Our back office is primarily focused on payment program administration, lending operations (performing and distressed assets), and white-label service provision for turnkey custom lending programs.

In addition, as part of the service bureau, Proximo Capital is a direct provider of short-term working capital to small businesses with revenue under $10 million.